Our Story

Our business concept

Artisan Caterers Sdn Bhd endeavours to be the bridge for endless possibilities in fulfilling global Halal industry demands. We specially select Halal-certified products, sourced from trusted partners, to be traded or used for catering services around the world. We exist to support our communities by building meaningful relationships and conducting our business in a sustainable way, holding to the principle of Halal as a way of life.

What we do
We source for quality Halal products for trading or use in catering services throughout the world and provide the following services:
Trading Services

Sales & Marketing

Identifying relevant markets for products and products for markets, providing marketing support, partnering with distributors and retailers to promote and market products around the world


Partnering with manufacturers to grow their business globally, working with them to position their products for the export market, as well as manage the end-to-end export process

Catering Services

Oil & Gas

Offering full catering services or manpower supply for onshore and offshore facilities


Leveraging our years of experience in F&B industry to advise on planning, setting up, sourcing and managing F&B facilities such as Halal Hub or Central Kitchen globally

Provision Supply

Providing quality supplies of dry store, chiller and freezer provisions for F&B facilities around the world